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SPRAçores was created in October 2006 with the goal of promoting and managing areas of environmental interest, such as watersheds and coastal areas. SPRAçores team consists of: a Civil Engineer, an Architect, a Financial Manager; a Jurist; a Forestry Engineer and Natural Resources Manager; a Horticulture Engineer and Garden Designer; an Administrative Assistant; and a field team taskforce of six. Besides there direct collaborators, this entity has the participation and collaboration of various associations and governmental departments. Currently, SPRAÇORES interventions are concentrated in the island of São Miguel. The main focus has been the hydrographical basin of Furnas Lake, due to an advanced eutrophication of its water. Approximately 250 ha of pastureland are being intervened. The lake shores are also under a process of architectural and landscaping requalification. The hydrographic basin of Sete Cidades is also being intevened on a smaller scale, due to the significant improvement of water quality. The hydrographical basins of five lakes and Pico are the next interventions to take place.

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