2. If this is not the first visit, how often do you consult this site?

3. How did you find out this natural park existed?

4. This time, how did you come across this site?

5. What kind of information are you searching for in this site?

6. In general, what do you expect from this site and from its information (mark your answers on a scale between indispensable and redundant):

Indispensable Useful Less Required Redundant
Transport to the park; visits

7. What are the reasons for your research in this site?

8. Did you find the information you were looking for?

8.1 If your answer is YES, the information you have found is:

Very Good



Very Bad

9. Is there information that you would like to find on this site but isn’t here?


10.1 Write your comment:

11. This site allows (concerning eco-citizenship):

Very Good



Very Bad

I do not know

Understanding the general or specific nature’s problems
Understanding/discovering what is a natural park
Understanding the problems of people who live in the area of the ​natural park
Contacting the locals
Contacting the local authorities
Understanding the involvement of local authorities on the management of a natural park
Understanding the distribution of skills between the different actors involved in the natural park (managers, politicians, ...)
Discovering/understanding the specific problems of the local producers and the local products
Understanding the economic issues of a natural park
Promoting the work of the local producers
Discovering/understanding the issues of tourism from a natural park
Discovering/understanding the issues of environmental protection and heritage preservation
Discovering/understanding the aspects of fauna and flora of the natural park
Discovering/understanding questions about maintenance of local species (animals, plants...), protected and rare
Participating in the environmental protection of the natural park.

12. Are you interested in consulting the websites of other natural parks?

13. Do you consult the websites of the parks in your region?

14. Do you think a site like this promotes public awareness, promoting an active role in the protection of the environment/nature?

15. Do you think a site like this promotes communication between people, concerning the issue of environmental protection?

16. Currently, do you have an active role in a natural park?

16.1 If your answer is YES, what kind of role?

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17.4 Studies / Education:

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